Pastoral Helpline
(803) 470-4612

The Deacons of Hope Baptist Church (HBC) are available to respond to the members of our congregation, and to our community via this helpline number.  An assigned Deacon of the Week is always ready to respond should a call be made.

The Deacons of HBC are committed to providing spiritual discernment and Christian leadership to those in need that reach out through this helpline number, and when requested or necessary, will gladly refer people, issues and information to the Pastor of HBC.

Additionally, the Deacons of HBC are available to pray with you, and for you on any matter, and are committed to maintaining confidentiality unless you request otherwise.

Remember, whether you would like to reach out to speak with a Deacon, or to the Pastor of HBC, the Pastoral Helpline is the most effective and expeditious first step to take.