Weekly Tuition Rates as of April 1, 2021
Infants/Tadpoles/6 weeks thru 10 months               $241
Transitioners/Caterpillars/10-16 months      $241
Toddlers/Ladybugs/16-24 months             $241
Young Twos/Bumblebees/ 24-30 months     $226
Older Twos/Bears and Pandas  $226
Threes/Owls and Birds          $215
Fours/Butterflies and Lions     $215
Book Fees
Threes       $60
Fours       $80
Additional Charges
Registration Fee: $75
                Material Fee:  $75 Infants, Transitions, and Toddlers            
     $100 Twos, Threes, and Fours
Late fees: $3 a day
Late pick up  $3 a minute, every minute past 6:00 pm
Credit Card Swipe Charge    $2 every swipe

We are open 6:30 am until 6:00 pm.  We are closed on the following days:
  1. New Years Day 
  2. President's Day
  3. Good Friday
  4. Memorial Day
  5. Juneteenth, June 19th
  6. Independence Day
  7. The Friday before the first day of the new school year (August 2, 2024)
  8. Labor Day
  9. Veteran's Day
  10. Thanksgiving Day
  11. The day after Thanksgiving
  12. December 24 Christmas Break
  13. December 25   Christmas Break

Our Curriculum
We use the A Beka curriculum in our Threes and Fours classes.  Their purpose: "The God-given ministry of Christian schools is to lead young people to Christ and train them in the Bible, Christian character, language, and traditional subject matter.  Today's students need to be taught the accumulated wisdom of the past from God's point of view and trained in the way that they should go {Proverbs 22:6}.  This lays a firm foundation from which to evaluate the present and make proper decisions for the future."  A Beka Book has been developed and refined over a period of 55 years in the classrooms of Pensacola Christian Academy.  For more information please go to
Three Year Olds
Language Arts
Recognition of name, sound, and picture for short vowels and consonants
Formation of vowels and consonants in upper and lower case
Language development and listening skills that include color words, shapes, animals, transportation, countries, community helpers, health, safety, manners, and science
Simple counting 1-30
number concepts 1-15
Lessons such as Creation, Noah, Boy Sammuel, Daniel, Boyhood of Jesus, Zaccaeus, and Good Samaritan
Four Year Olds
Language Arts
Recognition of name, sound, and picture of long and short vowels and consonants
Sounding of blends and one and two vowel words
Reading of sentences and stories with one and two vowel words
Formation of letters, blends, and words
Writing of first name
Twenty-eight poems and fingerplays committed to memory
Language development and listening skills that include color words, shapes, animals, transportation, countries, community helpers, health, safety, manners, and science
Number recognition and counting 1-100
Number concepts 1-20
Numbers before and after 1-20
Numbers largest and smallest 1-20
Simple addition facts (3+1, 7+1)
Lessons such as Creation, Noah, Boyhood of Jesus, Life of David, Life of Moses, 1st Thanksgiving, Missionary Stories, Enoch,  and Abraham & Isaac

We use the High Reach Learning Curriculum for our Toddler and Twos classes.  "At each age, children gain new skills and achieve new understanding.  All of our curriculum programs provide developmentally and age appropriate learning experiences and materials, developing essential readiness skills through exploration, investigation, and of course, fun!  Covering all the domains, our learning objectives address a wide range of development and skills."  The High Reach Learning Curriculum teaches thru a monthly theme.  Each month a new board book, puppet, conversation cards, posters, and family newsletter is provided for each classroom.  The monthly topics for 2011-2012 are as follows: everyday places and routines, skin covers many things, building, textures and fabrics, creations and innovations, light and dark, what happens when, eco-exploring, traveling, wings and things that fly, and summer fun.  For more information please go to  Below is a sample of the outcomes addressed in our curriculum programs.

Toddlers (12-24 months)
Language Development/Emergent Literacy
Points to objects when named
Experiments with sounds
Names familiar objects in books
Shows interest in colors and patterns
Matches like shapes in simple puzzles
Fills and dumps objects
Learning About the World/Science
Uses senses to explore
Manipulates new toys/objects to see what they will do
Shows interest in environment (rocks, clouds, etc)
Social & Emotional Development
Begins to play independently
Discovers how to respond to social situations
Awareness of own feelings
Approaches to Learning
Shows curiosity about new things
Uses repetition to discover new skills
Tries one or two solutions to play problems
Physical Health & Development
Stacks blocks or toys
Walks without help: begins climbing
Makes marks with writing materials
Twos Year Olds
Language Development/Emergent Literacy
Repeats words
Takes turns in conversation
Attempts to sing songs
Begins to understand quantity (more)
Sorts by color, size, or shape
Begins to understand sequence of daily routines
Learning About the World/Science
Describes what is seen
Begins to understand cause and effect
Classifies things that belong together
Approaches to Learning
Asks "why" questions
Uses objects at tools
Attempts a task for a minute or two before asking for help
Physical Health & Development
Runs; can kick a ball
Washes hands with assistance
Demonstrates increasing balance

Our younger classes use Group Publishing products for Bible.  Please go to more information.
Our Infants use Play-n-Worship: Play-Along Bible Stories for Babies.
"This music-focused, baby-centered resource helps infants discover and learn about God-and their great big world.  Stimulating visual, tactile, and auditory experiences engage babies- and connect them with God's truth.  They'll learn about God's Creation, God's Provision, God's Presence, and God's Protection."
Our Toddlers use Play-n-Worship: Play-Along Bible Stories for Toddlers and Twos.
"Teach toddlers and twos in ways they learn doing!  They'll discover important Bible truths when you mix everyday objects with stories and songs.  Your kids will quickly learn how to connect with God- and trust him- in their everyday lives.  Fun themes include" God give me food, God takes care of me, God is with me, God keeps me safe, God loves me, Jesus loves me, Jesus is born, Jesus is my friend, God made me, and I can help."
Our Twos use Hands-On Bible Curriculum for Toddlers and Twos.
"What if Jesus taught your kids?  How would he do it?  What tools would he use?  What would he want them to learn and remember?  The Bible gives us lots of examples of how Jesus did it 2,000 years ago.  He used everyday objects like coins, fish, and plants to help people remember the truths he shared with them.  Hands-On Bible Curriculum does the same thing.  We call them 'gizmos' and they serve the same purpose: to help kids understand the important Bible truths.  It worked for Jesus, and it still works today."  Our Hands-On Bible themes are God helps us, God sees us, God made the world, God made the animals, God made me, Jesus came as a baby, Jesus is our friend, and Jesus loves us.

All our classes can use our Read It Once Again Literary Curriculum Units.  "Read It Once Again will provide a comprehensive curriculum that promotes and establishes an early literacy based foundation for the development of basic skills including cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, speech, adaptive skills, and socialization.  Read It Once Again also provides the educator with student goals and objectives based on developmental milestones with structure and rational.  The curriculum engages the parent in the education process and fosters the communication process between the home and school."  Once the students complete a literary unit, they receive a copy of the book to take home and share with their family.  Our literary units include: The Little Red Hen,The Little Engine that Could, The Napping House, Silly Sally, Big Red Barn, The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, and Jump Frog Jump.
Our Older Twos thru After School classes all use the Color Me Healthy Curriculum for one month during the school year.  "It provides fun, innovative, interactive learning opportunities on physical activity and healthy eating.  The program is designed to stimulate all of the senses of young children: touch, smell, sight, sound, and of course, taste.  Color Me Healthy uses color, music, and exploration of the senses to teach children that healthy food and physical activity are fun!"  Please go to www.colormehealthy.comfor more information.